5 safe first date locations

After being single for a while, you have finally landed a date. You are excited, anxious, and eager to meet your date. Most first dates are ordinarily awkward with both parties wondering what kind of person is he or she, what is their background in dating, what to say, what to ask, what not to ask, wondering if it will go further than the first date. However, the most important thing that most people do not consider is staying safe while dating. To do so, you need to consider the location that you are going to meet on your first date. This is the primary key to staying safe while dating.

Here are five locations that ensure safety

The park

This may not seem like a romantic place to have a first date. However, it is essential to note that it is a public place. Therefore, if you have safety concerns, you will want to be in such a situation. Furthermore, there are fun activities that can help break the ice. The fun activities include boat riding, swings, ponds that have ducks or fish that you can feed. You will have fun and still feel safe on your first date.

The zoo

There is never a dull moment when you visit the zoo. With a variety of animals, you have a chance to break the awkwardness of the first date by conversing about the animals. Later on, this can lead a conversation about yourselves. The talk will not be boring, and you will be staying safe while dating as you are in a public location.

A new restaurant

This is by far the most popular place that people choose for a first date. Ensure you choose a restaurant that is popular as you are sure there will be other couples there. You will not feel unsafe with the person you have met only once. Also, to make it fun, choose a restaurant that has food both of you have never had. You will share the experience, and it will be a bonding moment, which will make you feel less awkward or insecure. You will discuss the new cuisine and in the process get to know each other while feeling safe on your first date.

Farmers Market

You want to stay safe while dating; therefore, the farmers market is a chance to know the person you date before you invite them to dinner at your place. You get to see freshly grown products and compare notes on what each of you likes. You will also get to taste the local foods and in the process get to know each other better. Later on, you can plan for a date at either her place or his place where you can move your relationship to the next level. It may seem weird for a first date location, but it plays a significant role in planning the next date.

The festival

Festivals are not only full of adventure and excitement; they are crowded; as such, you will feel safe on your first date. You get to enjoy crazy food, live music and have great fun while getting to know each other. It is the perfect place for a first date as the euphoric atmosphere helps both of you let your guard down.

Location is an essential factor when staying safe while dating as you may not know the other person’s background. However, it is always good to be yourself and not show your insecurities before getting to know who your date is.

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