Introducing SafeDate – Keep Safe While Dating

We’re so excited to finally bring SafeDate to the world. SafeDate started as a brainspark in one of our product meetings at KK Group and has gained momentum ever since. At KK Group, we focus on connecting people all around the world, in a safe and fun environment. We already take care of the fun, so we wanted to make sure people are safe when meeting new people.

It was when working closely with our community that we realised just how many of them were already putting into place their own methods of ‘checking in’ while on first dates and encounters with people they had met online. Whilst looking at ways of implementing this into our existing platforms we realised that this was something that a lot more people could benefit from, so we decided to open it up to the dating world as SafeDate.

It’s still in its early phases at the moment, but we’re sure that people all over the world are going to get a tremendous of value from SafeDate. It’s a super simple app to use. Unlike a real-time location tracker, SafeDate maintains your privacy so that your close ones only know about your plans if the worst were to happen. You simply pop in the plans for your date. We make it really easy to choose where you’re going as well as who you’re going with. Even if it’s a group of friends. You can simply pick your dates from your address book or Facebook friends. Then you choose one or more Safe Mates. People you trust to have your back, in case things don’t go to plan. Finally, you set a Safe Time. This is a buffer that gives you time to get home from your date and check-in so that your Safe Mates don’t get alerted. If you fail to check-in, we’ll send an SMS to your Safe Mates, letting them know that you’ve been on a date, where and when you went and who with. We’ve made that checking-in is really easy and secure. You’ll get push notifications so that you don’t forget to check-in and checking-in requires a passcode, so that nobody can do it on your behalf. There’s even a neat feature that deliberately alerts Safe Mates when you do check-in. Great for teens who want their parents to know they’re home safe.

SafeDate has been a labour of love and it really is just the beginning for us. We’ve got so many great ideas in store, as well as integrations planned with some of the world’s biggest dating apps, so that as many people can stay safe when dating as possible. We hope you love it.

Download it from the App Store or Google Play now for free.